Cesarin is a family owned company situated near Verona, Italy. The company was established in 1920 and has always operated in the agro-food industry. The many years of experience and knowledge have made it possible for Cesarin to cope with a rapidly evolving market through innovation and strong bonds with their customers. Cesarin are experts in candied fruits but has through the years, spent time and resources on developing new product lines. Today they have more than 45 product lines, used in a variety of different food applications. Stabilised vegetables is an example of one of the new inventions from Cesarin, with many possible applications, good taste and stability and long shelf life. Selezione line: Candied and semi-candied fruit from fresh raw materials, jams and semi-finished products for ice-cream, fruitfillings with low water activity ideal for filling chocolates and marcipan, and last born, the semi-finished organic products of fruit and vegetables. Not to forget is also the profumi d’italia products, ready-to-use fruit paste with a origin and story from Italy. Fruitline: Candied fruit, sourcherry(amareno), semi-finished bakery products and for the ice cream industry, stabilized fruit LWA and HG for filling industrial chocolate. Greenline: HG and LG stabilized vegetables are a brilliant alternative to dehydrated and frozen that solves multiple production problems, and maintains more of the natural taste and structure.

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